Who Killed Wal-Mart’s Business Model?

For more than three decades, Wal-Mart ruled the US retailing industry. Its large stores and everyday low prices were too much for smaller neighborhood stores and supermarkets that ended belly-up shortly after Wal-Mart invaded their turf.

That’s how Wal-Mart ended with close to a half-trillion in sales, dwarfing the economies of smaller countries.

But in recent years, Wal-Mart’s business model seems to have headed for the graveyard,and the company has closed scores of stores. Apparently, what used to be an asset for Wal-Mart has turned into a liability.

Who killed Wal-Mart’s business model? There is a long list of suspects.

Top on the list is Amazon.  Its remote location warehouses, expedient delivery and razor-thin margins have given Amazon a price advantage over Wal-Mart. Not to mentionthat the proliferation of smartphone and tablets turned Wal-Mart into a storefront for Amazon.

Next on the list is a surge in minimum wage hikes across the country and the proliferation of labor unrest in Wal-Mart stores, which has undermined another driver behind Wal-Mart’s stellar performance: cheap labor.

Then comes Costco, which has lured away the more affluent shoppers,  leaving Wal-Mart with shoppers with the less affluent — shoppers with stretched budgets, relying on social security and other government benefits to pay for their purchases at the cash register, according to a recent study.

Of course, Wal-Mart has been fighting back, especially against Amazon by pouring enormous resources into online-retailing with a well-crafted strategy that includes  acquisition of on-line search technologies and building of warehouses.

In 2013, for instance, @WalmartLabs, Wal-Mart’s e-commerce technology arm, acquired four start-ups: Torbit, a cloud-based website accelerator service; Inkiru, a predictive intelligence platform; OneOps, a cloud based automation technology; and Tasty Labs.

More recently, Wal-Mart acquired Adchemy, a search engine marketer.

Still, it may be too little too late. Wal-Mart’s traditional model is already dead. Amazon, minimum wage hikes, and Costco killed it.

Source: Forbes


Enhance the Performance of Your Business Much Easier Than Ever Before

results-sales-training1Running a business can prove to be challenging. You need to always be on top of your competitors if you are to be in a position to realise great business results. Fortunately, there are certain measures that you can put in place and realise great business results within a short period of time. However, there are numerous methods and strategies that you can rely on if you are to transform the performance of your business. You are supposed to be able to choose the right strategies if you are to make any meaningful progress in your business. Today, a good number of business development executives as well as sales representatives are taking advantage of Ryan Singlehurst and his business development programs. The business development Ryan Singlehurst programs have features which qualifies them to be viable means of improving a business of any kind. Some of the most notable features that are associated with the Ryan Singlehurst business programs are highlighted in the passage.

Applicable sales skills

If you are running a business and you are in dire need of strategies to enhance its performance, the last thing you can do is to make use of sales skills that are not applicable to your business. In case you did, you may end up jeopardising the chances of increasing the level of performance of your business. Based on this, you have to try by all means to search for sales skills that are applicable to the business you are running. The Ryan Singlehurst programs are associated with sales skills that are applicable to many businesses. This attribute alone has enabled many businesses to witness a rise in their sales following the use of the information provided by Ryan Singlehurst.

Advanced business sales training techniques

salesuccessIn business, evolution is inevitable. As the need to satisfy your customers continues to surge, you will be faced with a challenge to improve your business in a bid to meet your customer’s demands. Otherwise, your business will continue lagging behind while your contemporaries excel. To avoid something of this sort from taking place, you have to make sure that you use advanced sales strategies. The program is said to have sales training techniques that are advanced. This feature alone enables many business sales representatives and development executives to learn and understand new business concepts quickly.

A unique learning platform for any kind of sales representative

The uniqueness of the learning platform has also accounted for the notable success that has been associated with the program. Today, many people from different business backgrounds have been able to register a great measure of improvement in their businesses following the use of the programs. In particular, the learning platform engages all the participants thus affording them an opportunity to easily understand the practical aspect of whatever they are learning. Further, the training sessions can also carter for anyone involved in a business thus distributing information across the staffers of a company.

Improve Your Business Sales in the Blink of an Eye

sales-training1If you are running a business of any kind, you need to find means of improving sales and subsequently increasing the amount of profit generated. This is very important because it can help you to catapult the status of your company to higher levels and enhance performance sustainability. But, you will not be able to realise your desired level of growth if you do not use the right sales training method. For this reason, it is always important to make sure that you rely on the best sales training methods. Today, many companies across the globe are relying on Ryan Singlehurst and his sales training methods to improve their business sales. Numerous reasons can actually account for this. Some of the most notable reasons why this is the case are indicated in the passage.

Business centred sales training

Imagine undergoing a training that is centred on your business rather than just being related to your business. This is exactly what you can expect if you chose to take advantage of the program initiated by Ryan Singlehurst. Today, almost any business can benefit from the training sessions that are offered by Ryan Singlehurst irrespective of its size or age.Having a sales training program that is centred on your business is a perfect idea because it is the only way you can manage to apply whatever information has been presented during the course of the training. You have higher chances of realising the level of business success that you desire if you undergo training that is directly related to your business.

All members of the business benefit

In business, distributing improvement in performance is very important. If a business only improves in certain areas, the other areas will be left unattended to. In the end, the business will not grow by a significant degree. For example, imagine having an increase in the number of employees but without winning more business contracts. No doubt, the expenditure will be higher or only slightly lower than the income. There is every need to address all the areas of a business if you are to promote sustainable growth. You have to engage all the members of your business and enable each member to play one’s role in the growth of your business.

Success and skill improvement are guaranteed

The sale training marketing by Ryan Singlehurst is associated with great results. In other words, success is always guaranteed. If you ask any business development executive who has undergone any of the programs, you will obviously be able to know why success is often guaranteed.

Thousands of businesses have already benefited

Today, more than a thousand businesses have been reported to have benefited greatly from applying the program. if you are having trouble proving the viability of the program, you can take advantage of reports by other business development executives and sales representatives that have been able to benefit from the training programs that are offered by Ryan Singlehurst.

Full Suite Sales Training Program

Full Suite Sales Training Program, you and your team will be able to establish a need, offer a solution, prove its worth and value, then overcome objections to close the deal in such a way that it also ensures repeat business.Then, you are longer just going through the process of sales, you’ve mastered the art of sales.For more information visit at http://ryansinglehurst.com

The importance of employee commitment in sales to reach organizational objectives

Sales training’s are generally aimed at support any sales team to develop a winning sales structure, grow in confidence and motivation, increase outbound activity, and win more new business at meetings and pitches. Sales training is an essential part of the sales industry, but like much training, it is debatable as to the value it adds. Individual training sessions can vary from brilliant to numbingly boring.

Sales training often focuses far too much on what the sales person is saying and doing rather than what the other person understands and decides. Sales training often fails because it confuses attitude with process. To learn to sell, you need to understand the process. Some sales training gets you all pumped up, but don’t tell you what to do next. It’s like giving you a gun and not telling you how or where to use it.

Ryan Singlehurst Dubai offers Innovative training methods to gain employee commitment in sales to reach organizational objectives through designing proper strategies and execute in an effective way.

At Ryan Singlehurst Dubai, literally teaches the mechanics of sales: how to go about selling in the general sense, with an emphasis perhaps on the sales techniques that work best for your industry. It also provides company-specific training that may include details about your products and services, the sales process that your team is expected to use, tools and resources.

Every salesperson, no matter how experienced, can benefit from all the types of sales training offered at Ryan Singlehurst Dubai.The experienced trainers those have earned knowledge from due diligence in the industry from around the world will train you how to sell in an ongoing process. They are always formulating new strategies and new technologies that your team must learn in order to sell effectively.

The company is offering completely tailor made solutions for your industry or business which match well with your corporate culture and environment.

Sales Training Program By Ryan Singlehurst

Ryan Singlehurst based company was started with an intention to help the employees realize the importance of good skills. The company focuses on providing the best possible training that would contribute to efficient growth and good profit in return. For this, they offer activities like sales training, knowledge about the use of the right tools, furnishing the skills, expanding the growth area, opening a new scope for expansion, and many more.For more information visit at http://ryansinglehurst.com